Malema comments are 'grand posturing of the EFF under the guise of electioneering'

- | 4 months ago

The ANC has noted comments by EFF leader Julius Malema about the party, calling it "grand posturing of the EFF under the guise of electioneering".

In a statement released on Thursday, ANC acting spokesperson Dakota Legoete said Malema’s comments about the ANC at Wednesday's media briefing were "hollow rhetoric and at worst, a desperate attempt to make themselves relevant". During the briefing, Malema told journalists that while the demands and concerns of those living in the township were valid, he believed the #AlexandraTotalShutDown campaign was the brainchild of the ANC.

However, Legoete said the EFF clung to the illusion that it could be a better version of the ANC and continued to expropriate ANC symbols, leaders, history and milestones, such as the Freedom Charter.

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