Malema explains why the Economic Freedom Fighters didn't disrupt SONA

- | 2 months ago

- Mzansi was left disappointed last night when Julius Malema and his party, the Economic Freedom Fighters let the SONA continue relatively peaceful- Malema explained that the party had been satisfied that President Cyril Ramaphosa had addressed their concerns- However, there were two points in the evening where it could have gone the other wayThe State of the Nation Address was carried out in relative peace last night, much to the surprise of South Africans, who had been expecting the EFF to raise a few points of reported yesterday that the EFF had been threatening to turn the address into a Q and A session instead, prompting the nation to anticipate a disruption. This had come as the party called for Ramaphosa to be held accountable for a donation made by BOSASA to his election campaign.

According to IOL News, Cyril Ramaphosa had indulged the EFF's demands for transparency, Malema explained:"The president went to the public protector and if that was not enough, the president also released his submission to the public protector,"However, there were two points in the evening that had South Africans poised on the edges of their seats, convinced that the EFF would be pulling off their signature move at the event.During the address something had caused the party to stir in their seats, making Floyd Shivambu rise to complain that the speech was plagiarized but that they would deal with it later. READ ALSO: Get your popcorn ready, the EFF is set to disrupt SONA againAfter this the party resumed to a quiet state.

Later on President Ramaphosa had been assuring the nation that those found guilty of corruption would be taken to task. The attendants had erupted into applause.Julius Malema stood at this moment and the commotion prompted Thandi Modise, NCOP chair, to ask if he would like to call a point of order.

The leader responded that:“Honourable Makwetla is clapping hands, he thinks we are playing here, he is going to jail”.Makwetla is one of numerous government officials that have been implicated in corruption at BOSASA, admitting that the company had installed upgrades at his residence.

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