Malema feels misunderstood about EFF slap and assassination claims

- | 2 months ago

Julius Malema has taken to social media to discourage followers from explaining themselves to those who are determined to misunderstand the party.

This is in apparent response to the recent incident at the SONA, where an EFF MP allegedly assaulted an officer.The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has taken to social media to discourage supporters from explaining themselves to those who 'have made it their business to misunderstand us'.

While his post wasn't specific, recent events dictate that he was referring to the incident at the State of the Nation Address. reported that a video had surfaced of EFF MP Marshall Dlamini slapping a plain clothes police officer.

Following the incident, Malema had claimed the act had been in self defense, further alleging that the party had been expecting an assassination attempt on their leader.READ ALSO: EFF claims 'right-wing assassination plot' to blame for SONA scuffleAccording to The Citizen, the party has used the alleged 'assassination plot' to justify their apparent assault of the officer but Parliament has released a statement reacting with skepticism.

The statement dubbed the incident as 'shameful' and has responded to the claims of 'self-defense' with doubt.

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