Malema gives Seshego community a tractor 'to work the land'

- | 4 months ago

The EFF leader also touched on land and said he did not want a single household in Seshego to not have water when they get the land. He also challenged young people to stop looking to white people for solutions and start working for their future.

“I would never work for a white man, I don’t want your children to work for a white man, we don’t want our people to say a white man is our medicine,” he said. He further challenged them to stop smoking nyaope and learn how to work the land. “You can’t work the land if you’re not educated, you need to know what chemicals to use to stop insects from devouring your crops.

Don’t be proud of poverty, I want your kids to be afraid of hunger.” He then gave them a tractor as a gift.

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