Malema: Journalists are 'politicians' who should grow thicker skins

- | 7 months ago

Malema's defence is built on the following arguments:That the complaining journalists are actually politicians who are advancing political agendas and don't deserve special protection under the law;That neither he, nor the EFF can take responsibility for what EFF supporters say or tweet on social media, and;That the true purpose of the Equality Court application is to silence him and the EFF from legitimately criticising journalists.

Malema says the complaining journalists have "whitewashed" the contributions of Ramaphosa and Gordhan to the so-called "nine lost years" under former president Jacob Zuma. "The EFF and I contend that so pernicious is the complainants' agenda – with its political consequences – that it, too, amounts to a form of 'state capture'.

"'Attempt to muzzle the EFF and me'Malema says journalists have "actively engaged in using their various media platforms to delegitimise the political views of the EFF and me because, as is evident, the complainants favour President Ramaphosa and Mr Gordhan for their own reasons".

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