Malema: Ramaphosa must come clean over offering ministerial position

- | 6 months ago

Julius Malema has challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa to come clean over rumours that he had offered both the EFF leader and deputy, Floyd Shivambu, ministerial posts.

Ramaphosa has denied offering the EFF heads positions when he came into power during 2018. Julius Malema wants President Cyril Ramaphosa to address claims that he offered both him and deputy Floyd Shivambu ministerial posts in 2018.

Last week the EFF leader claimed that the president had offered the positions during a meeting, where the pair had rejected the offer:"I know Cyril for who he is, he is a negotiator, he was trying to take chances for the sake of peace perhaps in Parliament, but also for the liquidation of the EFF, because I've seen how they liquidated Azapo, I was there.

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