Malema says he'll persuade EFF elective conference to agree to a women's command

- | 4 months ago

News24 previously reported that some members of the party had accused Malema of resisting the formation of youth and women's wings, saying that it would challenge his authority in the party.

 In its discussion document, the party identifies one of its weaknesses in its formative five years as having "not yet attained organisational maturity necessary for it to carry additional organisations such as trade unions, women and youth wings, which are mandated by the constitution". The party adds in the document that the wings, and possibly a union, are necessary instruments.

 "I'm persuaded on the formation of the women's command, not because there has been a thorough political work to produce the cremé de la cremé of women in the organisation - we are still working on that," Malema previously said during a media briefing ahead of the conference.

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