Malema, Shivambu denials on slush fund benefits could be risky strategy – de Vos

- | 2 months ago

South Africans have been waiting and waiting for prosecutions on state capture and corruption but although a new, very eager broom in the form of Shamila Batohi stepped in as the National Director of Public Prosecutions and has been there for almost a year; there has been no convictions.

Although there has been some progress on arrests such as the high profile case of former State Security Minister Bongani Bongo. Batohi told a news conference on the 19th of November that there was progress but that the NPA was understaffed by 800 prosecutors and admitted that she was frustrated.

Added to that the Hawks had serious capacity problems and while the Zondo Commission was great at revealing corruption cases, there was “a big difference between testifying at the Zondo Commission and putting together a case ready for trial.

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