Malema: Shivambu 'only' got R16m from VBS, why the big fuss?

- | 4 months ago

A cheeky retweet saw Julius Malema sharing the calculations put forward by one of his supporters, asking why there was such a big fuss over Brian Shivambu's VBS R16 million when bigger amounts were allegedly looted.

The Economic Freedom Fighters deny any wrongdoing as far as VBS Mutual Bank is concerned. Nevertheless, party leader Julius Malema had apparently been so impressed with a post put forward by one of his followers that he retweeted it.

In the tweet shared by Malema, Vusi Sambo claims that the largest amounts stolen from the defunct bank had gone to 'ANC cadres', with Brian Shivambu, Floyd Shivambu's brother, pocketing less than 10f the total.

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