Malema slams 'sell-out' Mnangagwa over pay-outs to white farmers

- | 2 weeks ago

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a “sell-out” and worse than his predecessor Robert Mugabe, South African opposition leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader said Zimbabwe’s decision to pay compensation to white farmers whose land was taken during the Fast Track Land Reform programme was a “sell-out position”, warning that Mnangagwa might not finish his five-year term he controversially won in August last year.

“It’s a sell-out position, Mnangagwa is selling out,” Malema said during a news conference in Johannesburg. “I can tell you now he won’t finish his term. The way he’s going about it, he’s not going to finish his term.

That country is swimming in a pool of poverty; they can’t afford basic things like primary health care, good education and infrastructure. They get money and they go and give to people who are not deserving of such money. It’s a sell-out position, it’s unsustainable.

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