Malema's Human Rights Day speech quotes: Black people are not cowards

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- Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighter leader, celebrated Human Rights Day with a commemorative speech in Sharpeville. - From renaming the holiday to reminding his supporters of their true potential strength, the speech covered a wide array of topics- has collected six explosive quotes from the presidential hopeful's address yesterdayHuman Rights Day saw Julius Malema delivering a commemorative speech in Sharpeville, Vereeniging yesterday.

According to TimesLIVE, the Economic Freedom Fighter leader addressed a sea of supporters in red and spoke of the history of black people in the gathered six bombshell quotes from the presidential hopeful's speech:PAY ATTENTION: Do you want to know what's trending on Join our WhatsApp group today.READ ALSO: Told you so: Zuma says nuclear could have saved SA from load-shedding 1. Malema lamented the fact that remnants of the apartheid regime were still evident in South Africa: “Every person who killed and presided over the genocide of black people is celebrated.

There are streets named after them, they have statues. During the address, the EFF leader called for the public holiday to be renamed Sharpeville Day in honour of the fight for the equality of black people:“Today is not a human rights day, today is Sharpeville Day.

Today is the day we are fighting for the rights of black people. We must not make any apology about that. This nonsense of non-racialism in defence of white privilege, we are not part of that nonsense. Malema was adamant that changing the name of the holiday would be a show of respect for black people, putting them first:“Today is the day for the rights of black people, that is what we’re fighting for. What human rights? They always had rights.

We never had rights.

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