Man, 36, has always voted ANC but says he hasn't seen any change

- | 3 months ago

Shots were once again fired at the ruling party, the African National Congress, for failing to deliver on promises they made during elections.

A video shared by an Economic Freedom Fighters’ supporter, shows a 36-year old man saying that he has always voted for the ANC but has not seen any change in his life. EFF supporters on social media responded saying that the only way to enact change is to vote for the EFF, claiming that the party provides solutions not problems, learned.

Other users, however, suggested that the ANC is not the reason that every person living in a shack in the country has not progressed to greener pastures. The user suggested that people should not wait around or anyone to give you the life that you want, and that sometimes it’s necessary to take matters into your own hands.

Others pointed out that there is not a single party in South Africa or even the world, that has entirely rid their country of poverty. They further added that politicians typically make promises they can’t keep as that is the nature of politics.

Some users added that ailing to realise that politics is a game, risks overlooking the fact that the cracks in the economy of the country did not arise from the ANC’s rule, but was exacerbated by their misgovernance and corruption.

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