Man fires shots at ANC, 'That time the whole stadium is unemployed'

- | 3 months ago

- Fikile Mbalula celebrated the South African people, proud of the ANC supporters filling a stadium in Durban- Social media user, Likhanye, replied that the whole stadium is probably unemployed- Twitter users joined in, calling the party out on their false promisesTwitter user and Economic Freedom Fighters supporter, Likhanye, threw shade at the ruling party after ANC politician, Fikile Mbalula shared a photo of ANC members and supporters filling up a stadium. Mbalula captioned the image, “WE THE PEOPLE”.

Likhanye kindly pointed out that an alarming number of ‘the people’ that Mbalula is celebrating remain unemployed, found.While the large number of twitter users who liked and shared Likhanye’s post may not all share his political beliefs, almost all shared his sentiments about unemployment in the country. In the third quarter of 2018, unemployment in the country rose to almost 28 percent.

Twitter users jumped aboard Likhanye’s train of thought and added their views. Percy Segopa wrote that the reason he stopped supporting ANC was that they turn their backs on the people after elections. It was also noted that the people have gathered at the stadium just to be fed more lies.

It was also said that Likhanye’s post excluded the people standing on the podium and making speeches as they like to “flaunt their lavish lifestyles,”.

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