Maponya has left big shoes to fill, entrepreneurs say

- | 3 months ago

The grandfather of South African black business Dr Richard Maponya, who died in the early hours of yesterday morning, has left big shoes to be filled, according to local entrepreneurs who were following in his footsteps.

Maponya, who was a pioneering entrepreneur and rose above the restrictive laws under apartheid to become a household name, will be best remembered for building the Maponya Mall in Soweto that opened in 2007. “He set the tone and laid the foundation for the next generation of black entrepreneurs so those are very big shoes to fill,” said Chris Joko from Sakhumzi Restaurant, which is one of Soweto’s most popular eating spots.

Joko said he remembered Maponya to be a patient man who was always willing to assist young people and his broader community so he will be remembered fondly by people of Soweto.

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