Mashaba meets councillors over Alexandra grievances

- | 7 days ago

City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba met with councillors from different political parties in Alexandra on Friday. The purpose for the meeting was in order to address grievances raised by the community.

 However, Mashaba said councillors from the ANC were not present at the meeting and that the meeting continued with EFF and DA councillors. He said the South African Human Rights Commission(SAHRC) were observers during the meeting. The ANC and DA in Gauteng have been pointing fingers at each other after the tense Alexandra protests.

"The meeting was to look at the IDP (Integrated Development Plan) session that i need to have on Monday with the people of Alexandra and we wanted to engage with the councillors, particularly the councillors from the ANC who are the leaders of these violent protests," said Mashaba.He added that another aim of the meeting was to get answers from the ANC councillors on why they had decided to take to the streets instead of engaging with the City. Housing challenges Mashaba said the IDP session set for Monday would be going ahead as planned.

He said all other parties that were present during the meeting gave their input on the way forward for Alexandra.  Earlier on Friday, Mashaba's office said the meeting "ensures a shared approach to the 15th April 2019 meeting is developed so that residents' grievances are addressed over the politicking which has characterised the protests so far".On Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Alexandra following last week's shutdown.

He told the residents that he would no longer accept any excuses from government officials and that unlike, Mashaba, he was not afraid to go to the township to face the angered community.

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