Max du Preez compares Zille to Zuma, Trump after 'batsh*t crazy performance'

- | 2 months ago

Veteran journalist Max du Preez has agreed to debate former DA leader Helen Zille in the form of a podcast, after a heated Twitter exchange which included Zille alleging that 40 years ago, when she first met Du Preez, he was a supporter of “the racial nationalism of the NP”.

While Du Preez agreed to the debate, he also said he didn’t trust Zille, calling this tweet a “batsh*t-crazy Zuma/Trump performance”, an opinion he added to in answers to questions sent earlier on Thursday afternoon. “Zille knew very well that implying that she had inside information on my ‘dark past as an apartheid supporter’ would cast a shadow over my credentials in the bizarre world of Twitter.

“That’s a tactic often used by Jacob Zuma and Donald Trump.

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