Memo to Weah: Prioritize Audit of EJS Government

- | a month ago

When Liberians can’t afford to put food on the table, the working poor can’t get their meager salaries now months in arreas; soldier’s low pay augmented with food rations that are yet to be paid going on three months, teachers and healthcare workers are singing the blues, 800 Firestone workers and the thousands of mouths/dependents that are going hungry, hospitals generators are off and healthcare workers are threatening to go on strike; add to them the threat coming from the potent University of Liberia (SUP) student government on their pending nationwide strike/protest and the new Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia militants stirring up the pot, plus the reported pledge of the former AFL soldiers who were denied their benefits and their expressed solidarity with SUP….

then Amos Sawyer is just wasting his time but glad to receive the travel allowance. No one can rescue this economy when Weah and team are lining their pockets and refuse to implement the basic fundamentals of economic and financial austerity measures that must be put in place to save the regime.

Just wasting water on the back of a duck. Weah and team dont even understand the global diplomatic and political intricacies and American President Donald Trump’s chokehold he has placed on his “shithole countries” when he cut $40 billion of American taxpayers’ “free money” foreign aid from the State Department that had been doled out in the past to rogue regimes and their corrupt dictators.

A smart George Weah would first audit Ellen’s government but because Ellen Johnson Sirleaf bankrolled his CDC campaign in 2027, the deal was to go into the presidency blindfolded by the Sirleaf and with utterances and pledges to “protect Ellen and the Clan.” Ellen, Charles Sirleaf and partners in crime printed the near worthless 16 billion Liberian dollars while trading it and grabbing the powerful US dollar that came kur way, knowing very well the Liberian dollar is as good as a toilet tissue when taken outside of Liberia.

Welcome to Political Science 101 and Economics and Financial Banking 101.

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