Micro Marketing: Why You'll Be Getting Targeted 'Special Promotions' Messages Soon


- 2oceansvibe.com | 3 months ago

Pretty much the only text messages I ever receive are debit orders flying out of the account (disheartening), delivery updates from online shopping outlets (more money gone, but that retail itch scratched), and around election time, the DA’s scaremongering about the great dangers of the ANC and the EFF (we get it, Mmusi).

There’s also the odd loan or insurance offer, but not much in the way of targeted promotions that are designed specifically for me. That could be about to change, though, as more and more businesses use the information gained from loyalty programmes for ‘micro marketing’ purposes.

This from Moneyweb: Don’t be startled if you start receiving surprisingly well targeted ‘special promotions’ via text message from your favourite retail chain.

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