Mnangagwa consulted after Mugabe's body temporarily blocked

- | 5 months ago

But in an unexpected move on Thursday, the family said it had reconsidered and would now go ahead with their original plans for a private burial in the village of Kutama, where the former president grew up and his mother his buried.

Key considerations, a source said, were the cost of the mausoleum on the taxpayer; the time it would take to complete and shock new revelations that government engineers had been instructed to construct a single ‘Presidential Mausoleum’ which would contain graves of former presidents, not just Mugabe’s. “President Mugabe did not want to be buried at the Heroes Acre to stop those who tormented him in his final days from pontificating over his dead body,” a relative said.

“It would be unconscionable to have him buried next to the man whom he held most responsible (Mnangagwa).

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