Mokgalapa inheriting a broken Tshwane from Solly Msimanga, says ANC

- | 2 months ago

The African National Congress in Tshwane on Tuesday wished the incoming mayor Stevens Mokgalapa well, saying his term would be tough owing to the mismanagement of the previous mayor, Solly Msimanga. ANC Tshwane regional chairperson Kgosi Maepa told a special council meeting shortly after Mokgalapa’s election: “It’s an unfortunate situation that such a decent, liberal gentleman Stevens Mokgalapa has to inherit [unfortunate] mayhem in this city, caused by his predecessor [Solly Msimanga], the poster boy of corruption.

You are inheriting R5 billion in unauthorised expenditure. There is nothing decent that you are inheriting. “In fact, you are inheriting a broken vehicle.

With no wheels, no parts, no spare wheel, no windscreen. Brace yourself for a rough ride. You have invited the ANC [to work with you] but I don’t think you understand what you are inviting.

We were wishing that perhaps you would talk about the terrible, pernicious situation in our city… We don’t have lights in this city, robots don’t work, we have the sewer system blockages. Your predecessor failed terribly to reach out to the people, to resolve their problems.” The ANC said it would continue to expose the rot left by the Democratic Alliance’s Msimanga.

“We hope that the path you will walk is that of representing the people.

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