Mpofu promises to shut EFF down if MI6 allegations turn out to be true

- | 5 months ago

Over the weekend, the debate around who has supposedly been a spy for whom continued, following allegations and rumours about the history of both the president and the EFF.

On Thursday, in response to allegations made against him on Wednesday by Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota, President Cyril Ramaphosa denied the charge emphatically, saying he had never sold out or informed on Lekota to apartheid police. He instead suggested it was his neighbour who had given Lekota up, leading to Lekota being arrested and imprisoned on Robben Island, a fate that Ramaphosa himself managed to avoid.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leapt on Lekota’s allegation, calling for a commission of inquiry on Ramaphosa’s past.

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