NCOP, except for the EFF, congratulates victorious Springboks

- | 3 months ago

While the general mood was a celebration of the hope a united team of diverse South Africans can bring when they work together to achieve a goal against all odds, there was one party who saw things differently - the EFF.

EFF MP Mmabatho Mokause said: "Even though rugby was brought to this country by murderous British colonialism, it took on a development of its own and became deeply embedded in the culture and imagination of our people. "Over the past 200 years, the culture has become so strong, that despite many years of subjugation, and marginalisation of black talent, and deliberate attempts by the Afrikaners to claim rugby as their own sport, our people have persisted and against all odds made it to this team.

"It is against this backdrop that we salute the brave black efforts of this new generation of black rugby players who have broken all barriers against their progress.

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