Ndlozi, were you born an ass or did you just work hard to become one?


- citizen.co.za | 4 months ago

Ndlozi retweeted this message, as did his boss, Julius Malema.

Ndlozi then declared that this was supposedly a match of “England vs England”, since if you’re a white South African, then to the EFF spokesperson you can be considered nothing more than a “settler”, and of course all white people have only ever come from England. He further seemed to think white South Africans would feel they had won the Webb Ellis Cup even if England won, “because they are still England at heart!” A comment like that makes me wonder if Ndlozi has ever heard of Afrikaners, or been informed that such a group exists.

I would be forced to conclude he’s never met one, and maybe the Freedom Front Plus should make more of an effort to introduce themselves to him the next time they’re in parliament together.

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