| Pravin Gordhan won't be intimidated, says his lawyers after Equality Court loss to EFF

- | 4 months ago

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan‘s legal team say they will continue to advise their client after he suffered a loss in his hate speech case against EFF leader Julius Malema in the Equality Court on Thursday.

“The judgment – which dismisses our client‘s application – decides technical questions of the interpretation of the Equality Act and provides important guidance for future cases. “We will continue to advise our client to explore all available options provided in law to seek recourse against the persistent and infantile political campaign of the EFF that spreads lies about our client, and promotes the politics of hate, division, intolerance and intimidation,” Malatji & Co Attorneys said in a statement on Gordhan‘s behalf.

This comes after Judge Roland Sutherland dismissed Gordhan‘s hate speech case against the EFF leader with costs.

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