| The curse of the DA's metro mayoral class of 2016

- | 3 months ago

When Herman Mashaba announced his resignation as DA councillor on Monday morning and therefore mayor of Johannesburg, it meant that none of the four mayors who took the reins of the four metros the DA governed after the 2016 election – albeit with a little help from their friends in three cases – will serve a full term.

In the heady days after the 2016 municipal elections, phrases like “coalitions are the future” and “political realignment” abounded. Change was in the air, and the party poised to benefit the most from this was the DA.

With Mmusi Maimane leading the party into an election for the first time, they campaigned hard and told all and sundry that they could add the metros of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay to that of Cape Town, which they have governed since 2006.

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