Not all neo-Pentecostals support Zuma

- | 5 months ago

I must congratulate the author of the article, "How Pentecostalism explains Jacob Zuma's defiance and lack of shame" for raising the matter of the consumerism that characterises neo-Pentecostalism on the African continent and elsewhere, and her attempt to link it to Jacob Zuma's political lifestyle (ethic).

I wish to respond to this article by raising my concerns that the author has created an impression that neo-Pentecostalism eMzansi (South Africa) is monolithic; the claim that Zuma is a practicing neo-Pentecostal; and that neo-Pentecostalism eMzansi followed the developments on the continent. First, the author does not state that not all neo-Pentecostal leaders were part of the decision and implementation to ordain Zuma as honorary pastor.

Branding and putting neo-Pentecostal leaders as supporters of Zuma is grossly misleading.

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