On a wing and a prayer: What does the MDC hope to get out of protest? Something. Anything.


- thezimbabwedaily.com | 6 months ago

Radical South African opposition politician Julius Malema created an online sensation in April 2018 when, during Winnie Mandela’s funeral, he asked her for a signal on how to deal with the pressing questions of the day, including those politicians who betrayed her but now eulogised her. Anger over last year’s election, after which MDC leader Nelson Chamisa disputed his narrow loss to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has combined with mounting economic woes to create a deadly concoction of discontent, which frequently finds online expression on Twitter and Facebook.

A typical post seeks out Chamisa, asking him to give a “signal” for popular protests to end the economic nightmare and reclaim the stolen vote.

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