Order Comrade! Buti Manamela slammed for posting picture of child


- m.news24.com | 4 weeks ago

South Africans have lambasted ANC politician, Buti Manamela, after he posted an image of a child on social media on Thursday afternoon.

But Manamela, who is the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, said that when he took the photo, he didn't see anything wrong with it."It's quite unfortunate that although some people saw the beauty of a child posing with an ANC T-Shirt that his mother gave to him (after it was handed to the mother by one of our volunteers), other people saw it as offensive.

The matter is closed now, as far as I’m concerned. The image was of a minor dressed in an adult ANC T-shirt," he said.

The tweet, which he posted after campaigning door to door in Nantes, Eesterust ahead of the elections, was quickly deleted after South Africans called the politician to order.These people are the worst, what's next going to a mortuary and draping that trash t-shirt on corpses yerrr yesses pic.twitter.com/BWFdZUUdU3— El Chapo (@mothupi_t) March 28, 2019 ThiS is an abuse wena manamela— @shongwe_kwanele (@ShongweK) March 28, 2019 This child needs shoes— Tullo Schriener™ (@Tullo_K) March 28, 2019 Withdraw the pic leader, it doesnt assist our campaign— P Manikivana (@sgoqi) March 28, 2019.

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