Parliament finally has a intelligence watchdog

- | 5 months ago

15th November 2019, 08:10 GMT+11Almost five months after the Sixth Parliament was constituted, it has a committee empowered to keep an eye on South Africa's intelligence agencies.

In a statement released on Thursday, it was announced that ANC MP Jerome Maake was appointed as the chairperson of the joint standing committee on intelligence (JSCI) on October 30. About a month ago, News24 reported that amid controversies surrounding the State Security Agency, the JSCI had yet to start its work, apparently because consultations over who the chairperson should be had not been concluded.

When the ANC announced who its candidates for committee chairpersons would be in June, Bongiwe Mbingo-Gigaba was considered for the JSCI, but her nomination was not made official as the vetting required for the position was not completed.

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