Parliament flexes amid EFF SONA threats: There will be no hesitation

- | 2 weeks ago

- The State of the Nation Address is upon South Africa and Parliament says everything is in place for the event- However, the threat of the Economic Freedom Fighters disrupting Ramaphosa's speech still hangs in the air- Parliament insists that the rules will be followed, preventing the event from descending into chaosPresident Cyril Ramaphosa is busy putting the finishing touches on his State of the Nation reported that the EFF had reiterated its call for the removal of Pravin Gordhan as the Minister of Public Enterprises.

The Red Berets has since released a 10-point list, going into detail as to why the politician should be stripped from office. Leader Julius Malema had made it clear that Gordhan's continued tenure would result in the ire of the party being turned upon Ramaphosa himself, vowing to disrupt the proceedings at the SONA.

But Parliament insists it will rely on its rules to ensure the speech doesn't descend into chaos on Thursday evening.

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