Parliament officials not losing sleep over Malema's threats on Gorhdan

- | 3 months ago

- Parliamentary officials have responded to Julius Malema's comments on the upcoming State of the Nation Address- The EFF leader recently called for the removal of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, issuing threats should this fail to happen- However, officials are adamant that order with reign and any attempts at disrupting the event will be met with resistanceEconomic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema has made it clear there would be trouble if President Cyril Ramaphosa fails to boot Pravin reported that Malema had promised to make the upcoming State of the Nation address about the Public Enterprises Minister if Ramaphosa doesn't heed his warning:“I want to tell [President] Cyril Ramaphosa today that if he can’t fire Pravin before the State of the Nation Address, the State of the Nation address will be about Pravin.

We will stand up there, we will stop him from speaking, we will tell him ‘You must fire Pravin’ because we must protect South Africa’s assets. We are not going to allow them to steal the assets of South Africa on our watch.

Pravin must go, and Pravin must go now.

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