Pauli van Wyk explains how the Shivambu brothers benefited from VBS

- | 3 weeks ago

Scorpio journalist for the Daily Maverick, Pauli Van Wyk has written an expose about how the Shivambu brothers, Floyd and Brian, further benefited from VBS Mutual Bank.

She details how Grand Azania, a company that belongs to Brian Shivambu, brother of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president Floyd Shivambu, benefited from a questionable R4-million VBS Mutual Bank business loan. Read: Journalist connects dots between Grand Azania, Shivambu brothers and VBS saga She describes to Eusebius McKaiser how she went through the vast Terry Mudau's VBS Heist report.

You would have expected some arrests by now. The report was released in October, so you would have expected at least the asset forfeiture and the Hawks freezing some assets, but that didn't happen so that is probably not going to be recouped.

— Pauli Van Wyk, Scorpio investigative journalist - Daily Maverick Van Wyk says she went through the Mudau's report numerous times and there are many things the report doesn't show. That report is also volume one and I don't think that many people realise that there are other volumes and only this first one was published.

— Pauli Van Wyk, Scorpio investigative journalist - Daily Maverick She notes that Floyd Shivambu and Julius Malema's favourite criticism of her work is that the EFF is not mentioned in the first volume.

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