Pauw wrote 'Stratcom' report due to 'close relationship' with Gordhan – EFF

- | 3 months ago

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has released a statement lashing out at investigate journalist Jacques Pauw after his story in the Sunday Times accusing the public protector of multiple “blunders and missteps” in her recent report, which found Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan guilty of violating the constitution through his involvement in the so-called Sars “rogue unit”.

Pauw alleged that one of the main sources in the report was not a “specialist agent” who received paramilitary training to spy on politicians and taxpayers, but instead a law interpreter and later a debt collector at Sars who admitted to having no link to the intelligence unit at all. He also described the source as an “unemployed, dope-smoking Rastafarian”.

The EFF has now responded in a strongly worded statement which labels Pauw a “discredited, conflicted individual”, labels his report “false, biased and evidently propagandistic”, and makes several allegations regarding the relationship between Pauw, Gordhan and the minister’s spokesperson, Adrian Lackay.

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