Payslip exposes the salary Godrich Gardee has labelled 'disgusting'

- | 3 weeks ago

- Former EFF MP Godrich Gardee recently claimed that Members of Parliament were not being paid a living wage- In response to the outrage surrounding the claim, DA member Belinda Bozzoli has revealed a payslip detailing what MPs earn- With the average South African either earning a fraction of this amount or battling unemployment, many citizens were insulted by the commentsBelinda Bozzoli, DA Shadow Minister of Higher Education, has posted a payslip revealing in detail how much South African MPs get paid.

Commenting on the move, Bozzoli explained that information such as this should not be kept secret:"Happy to share any other details of our salaries in the interests of full transparency. None of this should be a secret.

"READ ALSO: Gardee quits as MP: Rants about living conditions, low reported that Godrich Gardee, who recently tendered his resignation as a Member of Parliament, had slammed the amount earned by his colleagues.

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