PICTURES: Tito Mboweni Likens “EFF Tendencies” To Those Of Chickens

- | 2 months ago

South Africa’s Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni has likened the behaviour of Economic Freedom Fighters to those of chickens.

Posting on Twitter, Mboweni said:These ones decided to come into the House! EFF tendencies! Hayibo!Subscribe to Pindula Newsletter hereHe did not specify which tendency really is common between the chickens and the Julius Malema-led party. Probably one striking feature is the chickens’ red comb which could be equated to EFF’s red beret.

Perhaps, Mboweni was referring to the disruptive nature of the party after the EFF recently disrupted president Ranaphosa’s State of The Nation Address and it has been three years since the EFF last disrupted a State of the Nation Address in that manner.

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