Plan to involve Trump in SA land issue condemned

- | a month ago

AgriSA’s previous meeting with South African government officials, file photo UPINGTON, (CAJ News) – MAJORITY indigenous black South Africans have expressed support to land expropriation without compensation and condemned plans by the AgriSA to report the South African government to the influential United States administration of President Donald Trump. AgriSA’ plans are the latest in a series of developments around the land issue in Africa’s most advanced economy, where the minority white farmers are resisting the expropriation of land without compensation.

The stance by government is based on the fact that the land was forcibly taken by the settlers centuries ago. US President Donald Trump African National Congress (ANC), the governing party, this past weekend compiled a list of white-owned farms targeted for expropriation in the Northern Cape. Locals supported the move despite resistance by AgriSA.

“White farmers forcibly took our forefathers’ land without compensation but when we demand redress they rush to the United States and West to seek justice for property they stole. This is ridiculous if not madness driven by racism,” said Lizzy Lekwene in Upington, Northern Cape. She pointed out in the West, land was solely under the ownership of white locals arguing no blacks in Europe own land.

“No African person owns land in England, Belgium, France, Germany or Italy. So, why (white) cling to African land?” Lekwene quipped. A local lawyer from Kimberley, also in Northern Cape accused the white farmers of selective application of the rule of law.

“White farmers want the rule of law observed when it favours them.

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