Power of love keeps Gogo Alvinah smiling and going strong at 74


- briefly.co.za | a month ago

- Each time she sees her granddaughter enjoying a meal, 74-year-old Gogo Alvinah Dludla is filled with joy and gratitude- Every meal is as a result of Gogo Alvinah’s hard work which she undertakes daily together with her handicapped granddaughter, Zama Nkosi (23)- The two are familiar faces in the community, known for being inseparable and sharing a special bond that warms everyone’s heartsBy Zakithi Dlamini - Freelance journalistTogether, Alvinah and Zama are seen roaming the streets, collecting cans and scrap metal without shame or complaint, just trying to put food on the table.

“I am only grateful to God for the gift of life and that at my age I am still strong enough to be on my legs all day, collecting items that feed my beloved angel. My love for her is what gives me strength.

I would cross oceans for her,” Gogo Alvinah told Briefly.co.za Zama’s parents both passed away while she was still very young and since then she’s always been Alvinah’s responsibility.

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