President Ramaphosa labelled a 'sell-out' – opposition calls for probe

- | 7 days ago

The second day of debate on the State of the Nation (SONA) was harsher towards President Cyril Ramaphosa than the first – not only because of government’s failures but allegations directed at him personally.

Congress of the People (COPE) leader Mosiuoa labelled Ramaphosa a ‘sell-out.’ When the COPE leader took to the podium, the President had stepped out.

Lekota requested to speak only when Ramaphosa was back. Lekota then accused Ramaphosa of selling out some of those in detention to the security police.

“With us in detention, when it was difficult, you wrote to the Special Branch that we put communist ideas in your head. In doing so, you condemned us to the Special Branch.

I say this to you because the Special Branch rewarded you, as they always reward their ‘victims’ (sic) and they sent you home, and we headed to Robben Island.

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