Provocative Twitter account suspended, SA both baffled and relieved

- | 8 months ago

South Africans who believe the account holds those in power to account, believe the ban is against freedom of speech- Others believe the suspension is long-overdueThe popular satirical Twitter account, Man’s Not Barry Roux was suspended by the social media platform for unknown reasons.

The Twitter user who goes by the handle @AdvBarryRoux, was on a forced hiatus from social media, which left South Africans in suspense as to why the controversial figure has been suspended. @AdvBarryRoux has a significant following on Twitter owing to his topical and provocative tweets and has become somewhat of a watchdog on social media, often drawing South Africans’ attention to political misgivings and latest news, found.

Consequently, this is not his first time at the rodeo and the account has been suspended before.

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