Public Protector: I'm being subjected to the same treatment as Winnie Mandela

- | 4 months ago

Now u have joint political slogans calling media stratcom?Maybe if u where able to do ur job without acting like a political tool u will get the respect, if u didn't get shot down by the courts every time u taken to court we will take u serious as a chapter 9 institution.

????— MR DICK (@kabelodick) August 2, 2019Things are becoming stranger by the day. Instead of explaining your decisions by force of "superior logic" as your EFF friends always say but act in the opposite direction, you turn to social media to shop for sympathy invoking Stratcom to pursue Stratcom's agenda.

Hayi suka!— Star Khumalo (@khumalo_star) August 2, 2019Global anti-corruption journalism organisation The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) reported on Tuesday that Mkhwebane received a $5000 (roughly R70 000) payment linked to a broader network involving the Gupta family in 2014.

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