Ramaphosa forced to manage populist EFF/Zuptoid bulldozer – Friedman


- biznews.com | 12 months ago

CAPE TOWN — If what’s emerged at the Nugent and Zondo commissions, never mind the wholesale reformation of SOEs, a clean up of SARS, the SABC and the NPA, are not enough to persuade ordinary South Africans that the reformist ANC is winning the battle against the Zuptoids, then why do fearmongers continue to say otherwise?  Putting aside the question of whether most people believe the ANC has collectively spawned a culture of corruption and entitlement (the May elections will answer that), ongoing speculation that Zuma and his Zuptoids are on the comeback trail is not based on any solid reality.

Perhaps everybody loves a Bogey-man. Here Steven Friedman, Professor of Political Studies at the University of Johannesburg, shoots down the interpretation that Zuma and Ramaphosa’s side-by-side public appearances at the launch of the ANC’s manifesto means they’re on similar pages.

Or that the actual manifesto means politicians aim to control the Reserve Bank.

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