Relief as Nicholas Ninow faces tough high court trial

- | 3 months ago

The Incredible Happenings Church leader, self-proclaimed prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng, on Friday expressed relief after the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court received a psychological evaluation report which deemed Nicholas Ninow, the man accused of raping a seven-year-old girl in a Dros restaurant, fit to stand trial. “Justice has been served here.

The man (Ninow) is not insane. He was conscious in whatever he was doing. You can’t be hiding from cameras if you are insane.

For the family of the victim, I think they are also rejoicing after what has happened,” Mboro said speaking to journalists outside the court. The Johannesburg-based cleric has been at the forefront, demonstrating alongside several civic organisations, political parties, and religious formations that have been protesting at the court during Ninow’s every appearance. “I’m here because the Bible tells me that we should defend the weak.

The poor, the orphans, even those who cannot stand for themselves. On behalf of the churches in the country, it is our role to support and stand with all the victims of any form of abuse. It’s very sad that our children are not safe, our women are not saf … our country needs healing,” said Mboro, who was flanked by numerous #NotInMyNameSA activists.

In January, Ninow was referred for a 30-day mental evaluation mental evaluation at Weskoppies psychiatric hospital in Pretoria.

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