Rise of radical left and right mars ANC victory


- thetimes.co.uk | 7 months ago

Rise of radical left and right mars ANC victoryJane Flanagan, Cape Town May 11 2019, 12:01am, The Times President Ramaphosa “has got five years of borrowed time”BEN CURTIS/AP The radical left and hard right emerged exultant from South Africa’s sixth post-apartheid election as anger over state-sponsored looting, rising inequality and the campaign’s racist rhetoric led swathes of voters from all races to reject the political establishment and choose populist parties.

With 90 per cent of the vote counted after Wednesday’s general election, the Freedom Front Plus party, which has ambitions for a homeland for South Africa’s minority Afrikaans-speakers, had trebled its support since the last national poll in 2014. The boost for the party came largely at the expense of the liberal Democratic Alliance (DA).

The centrist opposition party was also squeezed by the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which has emerged as the official opposition in three out of nine provinces… Want to read more?Subscribe now for just £1 a monthSubscribe now.

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