SA opposition parties at odds over mayoral post

- | 4 months ago

South Africa’s two biggest opposition parties have locked horns over who should be the mayor of the nation’s capital, placing at risk an informal accord that saw them wrest control of the major cities away from the ruling African National Congress.

The mayor of South Africa’s Tshwane municipality, which includes the capital, Pretoria, has come from the ranks of the Democratic Alliance since the ANC lost its outright majority there in municipal elections in 2016. Now the Economic Freedom Fighters, which voted for the main opposition’s candidate, wants the post itself in exchange for continuing to support the DA mayor in Johannesburg, the economic hub — a demand the DA doesn’t appear prepared to meet.

“We have no formal agreement with the EFF,” Tshwane Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa, said in an interview in Pretoria on Tuesday.

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