SA reacts to second EFF MP accusing Julius Malema of abusing funds

- | 8 months ago

A second disgruntled EFF MP has accused party leader Julius Malema of abusing the party's funds for his own personal gain.

However, South Africa seems relatively unfazed by the allegations, with EFF supporters adamant that the MPs have their own reasons for pointing fingers. In an angry resignation letter, Zolile Xalisa, an EFF MP, accused his leader Julius Malema of using the party to fund his reported yesterday that for the second time an EFF Member of Parliament had accused their CIC of misusing the party's income from MPs and even Parliament itself.

Mzansi seemed relatively nonchalant over the news, pointing out that the disgruntled MP had failed to make the Parliament candidates list for the EFF, which could have incited him to levy the accusations.

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