SANEF takes EFF and Malema to Equality Court to protect media and journalists

- | 7 months ago

SANEF ( South African National Editors’ Forum) has filed a complaint at the Equality Court against the Economic Freedom Fighters as well as its leader Julius Malema in an attempt to halt threats and harassment directed at journalistsIn a statement, the organisation SANEF has said that they do not take the decision to take legal action against the EFF party and it's leader lightly.

They said that they believe in the ‘South African’ way of settling disputes around a table, but had been unsuccessful in obtaining a meeting with Malema and other EFF leaders about what they view as hate speech. SANEF is approaching the court under the banner of protecting the freedom of the media and seeking security for journalists against the threats and intimidation tactics the party’s leaders and supporters have been hurling at them.

A part of the statement outlining the aim of the organisation's legal action:SANEF has now turned to the courts to ask for protection.

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