SARS Rogue Unit becomes Rogue Spy investigation – Thamm

- | 4 months ago

A classified report by the Inspector-General of Intelligence into the so-called rogue unit at the South Africa Revenue Service has been an effective stick used by the Public Protector and the EFF to beat Public Service Minister, Pravin Gordhan, former taxman Ivan Pillay and former SARS executive Johann van Loggerenberg; the people who were trying to make sure that the Revenue Service did not become another “captured” state entity in the Zuma years.

And now the full details of the report is in the public domain after the EFF decided to publish it. The 49-page relies on interviews with Belinda Walter, a spy for the State Security Agency who is also a lobbyist for the tobacco industry, an SSA operative Chris Burger and Madisa Mokwena a SARS official who also spied for the SSA, and a discredited memorandum titled Project Snowman.

The report normalised the idea that there was a rogue unit at SARS and enabled the state capturers to get rid of people who were standing in their way at the taxman.

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