Schweizer-Reneke up for grabs in by-election

- | 2 months ago

The North West's Mamusa Municipality - which includes the town of Schweizer-Reneke - will elect its new council on Wednesday after the previous one was dissolved in October.

Albeit that it only had one seat in the 18-seat council, this by-election could be an important litmus test for the DA to determine if it has won back some of the ground lost to the FF Plus last year. The party's showing in by-elections since the May 2019 elections has been dismal, and its handling of alleged racism at a Schweizer-Reneke school about a year ago is believed to be one of the reasons it lost support to the FF Plus, in particular in the North West.

It has also lost a ward to the FF Plus in a by-election in the province last year.

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