Shivambu: The sooner Ramaphosa testifies at Zondo Inquiry, the better

- | 3 months ago

- President Cyril Ramaphosa has revealed that state capture has cost SA over R500 billion- This has drawn criticism from Economic Freedom Fighter deputy president Floyd Shivambu- Shivambu wants Ramaphosa to appear before the State Capture Inquiry; the sooner the betterEFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu wants President Cyril Ramaphosa to appear before the State Capture reported that Ramaphosa had told international investors that state capture and corruption in the country had cost over R500 billion.

Shivambu shared his opinion on this admission on social media, commenting that:"The sooner President Cyril Ramaphosa appears before the State Capture Commission the better, because this is what the commission should be focusing on. His ministers, including the 'rogue unit' ministers, have thus far spectacularly failed to illustrate the point of the missing billions.

"Source: Twitter.

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