SK Moyo attack on Malema betrays him as a political dwarf in borrowed robes

- | 2 months ago

SIMON Khaya Moyo does not cease to amaze.

Other than being a political dwarf desperately crying for both subsistence and political relevance through shameless bootlicking, the Zanu PF spokesman suffers from delusions of grandeur wherein he falsely believes proximity to gunpowder equals probity. His attacks on Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa’s opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, are unwarranted and naive.

Malema is within his rights as an African brother, neighbour, advocate for a borderless Africa and Pan-Africanist, to pass judgement on how the junta that is in charge of Zimbabwe has treated President Robert Mugabe and his family during the coup in 2017, post-coup and posthumously.

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